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Global Research Workshops on Freelancing and Self-Employment

Each year the CRSE, in conjunction with IPSE (the Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed), holds a research seminar in order to better our understanding of the self-employed, and set the agenda for further research in the area.

This event brings together researchers, practitioners, educators and other multidisciplinary stakeholders from around the world, to share ground-breaking research and discuss various aspects of self-employment.

During the workshops, academics present their latest work which encompass the diverse and changing context of working, as well as exploring the lifestyle of freelancers, the challenges they face and their role in modern economies.

First held in 2013, these workshops have provided us with a solid understanding of the main strengths and gaps in the research literature and has raised the profile of freelancing and self-employment on the research agenda.

Previous Research Workshops

Each year the seminar brings together leading international scholars who present new research and survey articles of research on freelancing and self-employment.

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How to be involved

To register interest or stay informed about the next research workshop, please complete the form on the contact us page.