About the CRSE

The CRSE is the leading international think tank working to improve the understanding of the self-employment sector and its impact on the economy. We deliver leading edge, robust and multidisciplinary research in collaboration with academics from around the world who are at the forefront of self-employment studies.

Key to the CRSE’s work is promoting the knowledge acquired through our research and providing comprehensive analysis into the sector to inform public policy and add value to practitioners. This is achieved through strong collaboration with a network of academics and experts in the field, alongside a dedicated steering committee who exist to set the agenda for future research.

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Latest News

On your own, but not alone – trade union, co-operative and mutual solutions for the self-employed - Philip Ross

17 Oct, 2017

New to the research library is a video featuring Philip Ross. In this video Philip Ross discusses his research presented at the Annual Global Research Workshop on Freelancing and Self-Employment 2016.

CRSE at the Conservative Party Conference: What are the myths and realities of self-employment?

16 Oct, 2017

The Conservative Party Conference held in Manchester earlier this month included a fringe event examining the current myths and realities surrounding self-employment.

CRSE at the Labour Party Conference: How do we make sure modern employment practices benefit all involved?

09 Oct, 2017

The Labour Party Conference in Brighton was held in September with a great degree of excitement considering the resurgence of party membership in the post-election period.