New to the research library is a video of Marc Cowling discussing his recent research presented at the Annual Global Research Workshop on Freelancing and Self-Employment 2018.

His research examines the determinants of actual hours worked among different labour groups in Europe, and the extent to which individuals could choose different hours of work in the absence of hours' constraints.

He finds that slightly less than half of all workers in Europe don't have a very good match between the hours of work they would like to do and the hours of work they actually do.

Cowling also finds that the solo self-employed work much longer hours than their wage equivalent and in fact, pay on average for them is slightly lower than for employees.

Cowling, M (2018), 'For a Few Hours More (or Less): Preferred and Actual Working Hours in Europe' [Online Video], 26 April 2018, Available from:

View the video below or in the research library.