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The CRSE maintains a complete library of academic and other multidisciplinary research. Here you will find research, reports and publications which explore all areas of self-employment. It provides a comprehensive overview of the latest thinking on freelancing and self-employment, as well as serving as a platform of knowledge to enable more research on the area.

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The Role of Freelancers in the 21st Century British Economy

November, 2012
The report explores the use of freelancers, and how effective they are in adding value, in 23 firms comprising a mix of corporations and SMEs. These businesses are drawn from some of the major industries driving the British economy including manufacturing, information and communications, financial services, and professional, scientific and technical activities.

Exploring the UK Freelance Workforce, 2011

David Smallbone
July, 2012
This report, following on from research conducted on the nature and size of the UK freelance marketplace in 2008 presents data drawn from official UK government sources to develop a picture of the current UK freelance workforce and looks at trends in freelance working.

European I-Pros: A Study

Stéphane Rapelli
May, 2012
The aim of this study is to suggest a socio-demographic characterisation of I-pros across Europe, and specify the main related trends. Insofar as no official definition exists for this type of self-employed worker, a pragmatic definition is constructed in the light of existing socioeconomic classifications.