The Centre for Research on Self-Employment (CRSE) has welcomed the publication of the Taylor Review of Modern Employment Practices.

In its submission to the Review, the CRSE stressed that the inherent flexibility of self-employment must be protected, but more can be done to identify and support those who may be falsely labelled as self-employed. Therefore, the CRSE agrees with Mr Taylor’s assertion that flexibility is a two-way street and that self-employment comes in many shapes and sizes. 

Later this year, the CRSE will publish a landmark report on how to better segment this complicated section of the labour market.

Suneeta Johal, Director of the CRSE said:

“It is absolutely vital that we are able to separate the genuinely self-employed from bogus arrangements. Matthew Taylor was therefore absolutely correct to call for greater clarity between what constitutes a worker, and what it is to be self-employed. 

It’s important to distinguish between the various types of self-employment, as well as what is not. “This will enable a differentiated `policy approach so Government can to provide the appropriate support to those who need it, whilst at the same time enabling those who are driving the economy. 

“At the launch of the report, the Prime Minister rightly stressed that we should recognise that the self-employed take economic risks, create employment and contribute to the country’s success – and it’s important we don’t inhibit those who are driving the economy.”

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