‘Free Radicals: Britain’s self-employed millions urgently need a new deal’ – confirms that the extraordinary rise in self-employment since 2001 represents a structural, not cyclic, shift in the UK labour market.

With 4.8 million people, it argues, self-employment is almost as big as the entire public sector and must be brought into mainstream political discourse.

Policymakers, it says, have simply not kept pace with the rate of change in the labour market, however, leaving many self-employed with concerns about tax, over-strict government regulation, pensions, and a general lack of support. ‘Free Radicals’ argues for a new deal to address these concerns and bring UK policy up-to-date.

The report – launched at IPSE/Demos Policy Conference ‘Modern Working: The Age of Self-Employment’ on 25 April 2018 – makes 30 recommendations to form part of the new deal, including:

  •  Writing a definition of self-employment into law.
  •  Introducing an ‘engagers tax’ on businesses using self-employed labour.
  •  Delaying the rollout of IR35 changes to the private sector.
  •  Making the Universal Credit work for the self-employed.
  •  Exploring a range of flexible pensions options to help the self-employed save for later life.

Alan Lockey, Demos’ Head of Modern Economy and the report author, commented: “The rise of self-employment is one of the biggest changes to the modern economy in the last couple of decades. We need to think pragmatically about whether we should actively encourage it – it could be that it is the British solution for a more flexible, less rigid approach to life and work in the future, as it already is for millions of people. That means we need a new deal to boost security for the self-employed.”

You can download a copy of Free Radicals here.