New to the research library is a video featuring Ekaterina Nemkova. In this video Ekaterina Nemkova discusses her research presented at the Annual Global Research Workshop on Freelancing and Self-Employment 2016.

Her research investigates the restructuring of the labour market due to digitalisation as well as the main factors that facilitate segmentation in the Digital Work Marketplace.

Nemkova’s findings point that both freelancers’ location and their human capital skills such as knowledge, experience, ability to learn, shape their positon in this marketplace.

Thus, she distinguishes between three different groups of freelancers according to the human capital skills they possess and their source of competitive advantage.

Nemkova. E. (2016), ‘Dynamics of the Digital Work Marketplace' [Online Video], 25 November 2016, Available from:

View the video below or in the research library.