The European Academy of Management (EURAM) 2016 Manageable Cooperation? Conference is currently seeking papers for a special track focused on the role of freelancers, independent professionals and the solo self-employed in entrepreneurship. 

A new type of solo self-employed freelancer has emerged as the entrepreneurial economy has grown in importance.  These freelancers are less the traditional precariat vulnerable workers who are viewed as low quality substitutes for employees, but rather highly flexible and innovative workers who enable businesses to be entrepreneurial.  They not only bring innovation directly to firms, but also enable businesses to cope with uncertain, dynamic and risky business environments. 

This special track, as part of the EURAM Conference taking place 1 – 4 June 2016 in Paris, is focused on addressing some of the key research questions that are relevant for practice and policy in this area, including:

  • The role of freelancers as innovators 
  • The benefits of the solo self-employed career path
  • How businesses use freelancers and how they organise the freelancer-employee mix
  • The types of solo self-employment that exist and which types are truly entrepreneurial
  • How the vulnerable and precarious are different types of freelance worker

Click here for more information on the special track ‘Entrepreneurship: the role of freelancers, independent professionals and the solo self-employed ‘(T 03_08).  

Deadline for paper submission

The deadline for paper submission is 12 January 2016 (2pm Belgian time), via the EURAM website at:  

More about EURAM 2016 Conference

The 2016 conference theme Manageable Cooperation? invites debate about the new modes of production together with the new ways of value creation and distribution that are emerging and growing, as well as how old systems are transformed with new demands for cooperation at the political and productive macro, meso and micro levels. Held at Université Paris –Est Créteil (UPEC), the conference will provide a memorable opportunity for scholars and practitioners, as well as for doctoral students, to share and discuss their most recent high quality work with other experts in their research fields.

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