The Journal of Management & Organization (JMO) has extended the submission deadline for a special issue on working as a self-employed professional, freelancer, contractor or consultant, until 29th February 2016. 

This special issue seeks to understand the nature, characteristics, contributions and challenges facing this important and growing sector through enquiry into how best to analyse and categorise the rise of a group of people identified by labels from freelancer and independent professional (IPro), to contractor and consultant. 

While drawn together under the rubric of professionals in self-employment, the labels applied to them remain vaguely defined in law and poorly understood within both the practitioner and academic literature. This special issue invites papers which explore the nature of this way of working, in particular, papers which address some of the many tensions and controversies around this way of work.

Click here for more information on the requirements of the special issue. 

Authors are invited to submit their manuscripts, following the instructions found at the journal website no later than 29th February 2016. All papers will go through the regular double-blind review process, and must follow the JMO style guidelines. 

The special issue will include 10-12 articles of approximately 8,000 words each, and will be published in late 2016. 

Questions about the issue, including expectations, requirements, appropriateness of topic and the like, may be directed to co-editor of this special issue, Dr. Tui McKeown (Monash University, Victoria Australia):