New to the research library is a video featuring Philip Ross. In this video Philip Ross discusses his research presented at the Annual Global Research Workshop on Freelancing and Self-Employment 2016.

His research focuses on the lower paid self-employed market with the aim of investigating how can trade unions, co-operatives and mutual solutions work to help this specific work force.

Ross draws on broad examples from Europe and the US to illustrate that there are organisational solutions that can help the self-employed by delivering benefits, tackling forced self-employment and identifying legitimate freelancers.

His key finding is that while each of the three organisational solutions can serve to help the self-employed in a unique way, optimal results can only be achieved if a coherent approach combining all three of them is adopted.

Ross. P. (2016), ‘On your own, but not alone – trade union, co-operative and mutual solutions for the self-employed' [Online Video], 25 November 2016, Available from:

View the video below or in the research library.