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Stéphane Rapelli
May, 2012

European I-Pros: A Study

The aim of this study is to suggest a socio-demographic characterisation of I-pros across Europe, and specify the main related trends. Insofar as no official definition exists for this type of self-employed worker, a pragmatic definition is constructed in the light of existing socioeconomic classifications.

This is subsequently used to identify I-pros within the database provided by Eurostat. It was necessary to use this particular source of information because it includes all of the data collected at national level by European statistical bodies.

In this framework, processing labour market statistics shows the importance of I-pros in terms of self-employed activities. More than that, it reveals how their numbers have risen considerably. Following on from this observation, and in order to characterise these specific workers better, various elements are considered.

Consequently, a sector-specific approach followed by descriptive analyses concerning socio-demographic characteristics such as level of training and gender distribution. As far as possible, these analyses highlight the specific characteristics observed at Member State level, and include a description of the trends observed.

Stéphane Stephane Rapelli