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July, 2016

Freelancer Wellbeing: A Case for More Research

Filmed at IPSE’s 2016 Policy Conference, this video with Michel Syrett focuses on freelancers’ wellbeing. 

Michel who is Director of The Cairn of Mental Health and a CRSE research network member, suggests that the whole attitude towards freelancing has changed radically in the last ten years. They are no longer seen as just a ‘cost saving measure’, where they are “marginal, second-class”. Now we see employers are finding the skills gaps they need to fill are not always available from their employees – they need freelancers. Yet when hiring an independent professional, they need to find out what motivates them and how they can support them. 

Syrett, M. (2016), ‘Freelancer wellbeing: A case for more research’ [Online Video], 26 April 2016, Available from: http://www.crse.co.uk