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Dieter Bögenhold
January, 2018

In this video Dieter Bögenhold discusses his research presented at the Annual Global Research Workshop on Freelancing and Self-Employment 2016.

His research examines how the current situation of self-employment is evolving by examining the case of social media entrepreneurs.

Bögenhold finds that there is a multiplication of activities in the world leading to the emergence of highly differentiated occupations.

By examining the case of fashion bloggers as a new type of institutional entrepreneurs, he illustrates not only their current societal impact but also the potential for university students to regard fashion blogging as an attractive career path in the future.

Bögenhold, D. (2016), ‘Freelancers and Solo Self-Employment: Towards the Real World of Independent Work and the Case of Social Media Entrepreneurs' [Online Video], 25 November 2016, Available from: http://www.crse.co.uk/