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August, 2018

This video, filmed at the Global Workshop on Freelancing and Self-Employment Research 2018, covers the highlights and key takeaways including the panel session with policy and industry experts debating the most pressing issues surrounding self-employment, as well as the research conducted by our network of international scholars.

It underlines the urgent need for a more targeted approach to research-based policymaking on self-employment and the unique opportunity for the CRSE network to provide the vital evidence that can shape public policy agenda on the issue.

The quality of research and insight shared at the 2018 workshop as well as the new track into Freelancing, Solo Self-Employment and Gig Economy Working at the upcoming ISBE conference in November is a sign of the strength of self-employment and modern work research trajectory.

CRSE (2018), ‘Global Workshop on Freelancing and Self-Employment Research 2018: Highlights and Key Takeaways' [Online Video], 26-27 April 2018, Available from: http://www.crse.co.uk/.