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John Kitching
November, 2019

In this video John Kitching discusses his recent research presented at the Annual Global Research Workshop on Freelancing and Self-Employment 2018.

His research examines what labour outsourcing models clients/end-users adopt to meet their labour requirements and why clients outsource labour services, particularly freelancers, in the ways they do.

He finds that freelancers have many different types of clients, including personal clients and organisational clients, and that they can organise different forms of relations.

Kitching also finds that the way relations with clients are organised can have implications for the work freelancers do and the rewards they get from it both economically, and in terms of their wellbeing as well.

Kitching, J (2018), 'Models of labour outsourcing: Explaining how clients use freelancers to meet their labour requirements' [Online Video], 26 April 2018, Available from: http://www.crse.co.uk