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Zulaicha Parastuty and Dieter Bögenhold
February, 2019

In this video Zulaicha Parastuty and Dieter Bögenhold discuss their recent research presented at the Annual Global Research Workshop on Freelancing and Self-Employment 2018.

Their research examines the key intentions for entering self-employment and entrepreneurship in a set of different countries.

They find that the intention to enter self-employment is less determining for entrepreneurial potential than other factors such as feasibility (believing that chances to create and manage a start-up are realistic) and stability (willingness to defend the implementation of a start-up even against a hostile environment of family and friends).

Bögenhold, D. and Parastuty, Z. (2018), 'Paths to Self-Employment: Towards the Crucial Variable of Intentions' [Online Video], 26 April 2018, Available from: http://www.crse.co.uk/