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Andrea Klinglmair
November, 2015

Women’s Self-Employment and Freelancers Observations on Female Entrepreneurship

This paper focuses on the features of female entrepreneurship. Based on a brief review of the existing literature we identify some major lines of argumentation which treat female self-employment in context with its determinants. The further discussion turns to the investigation of data from official statistics. In particular, cross-country comparisons of the development of female self-employment within the global framework of the labour market highlight major aspects and divergencies of female self-employment ratios. In the next step, the argumentation introduces results of an own empirical survey on micro-entrepreneurs in the federal country of Carinthia (Austria) where we discuss findings based on the gender aspect. The results indicate that women have smaller companies, are intensively part-time self-employed, represent the vast majority in solo self-employment, earn less and have shorter times of involvement. In contrast, well-being and happiness are likely to be higher in firms and economic activities run by women.

Dieter Bögenhold Bogenhold